LightBULB Is The Difference Between Graduates And Employable Alumni

“India will soon have one-fifth of the world’s working population, and yet a staggering 70% of graduates are not considered employable.” 

(The Hindu & Times of India)

Professional Development Courses

Enhance the professional & communication skills of your customer support, customer relations, sales and front desk employees with customized Lightbulb training programs.

Happy Alumni Is Your Best Marketing Strategy

The biggest challenge students face today is being able to effectively communicate what they already know. LightBULB targets communication and presentation skills launching successful career paths.

The biggest challenge for students when they graduate is to effectively communicate what they have learned. The ability to communicate and present professional skills is the defining factor between securing a dream job or joining the unemployed alumni pool. It is time to empower students with the power of communication!

The Hindu

“……Students are selected at campus based on their score in the course and soft-skills.”

Business Today

“…Certain foundational skills like English become very important for acquiring jobs, as almost all business communication is in English, and many candidates who lack this skill are rejected.”


We empower the students with employability skills, which go far beyond the textbook or basic classroom education. This leads to more companies being interested in employing our students thereby leading to higher placements. Better companies and higher placements lead to happier alumni and happier alumni give out positive reviews about us. This, in turn, attracts better students, increasing our effectiveness. It’s like a full circle.

LIghtBULB Partners


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LightBULB offers employability enhancing courses that are customized for different paths of study and industry. Our courses are result driven and designed for performance. Our signature methodology makes learning a natural development as participants build fundamental interpersonal skills, such as conversation and business communication skills, in a fun and action-packed environment. Institutes that include our training courses in their curriculum and learning programs have witnessed an increase in confidence in their graduates and greater success in securing their first job.


Built on current research, feedback from the community and workplace industry data, LightBULB courses have benefited students in hospitality, retail, marketing, home sciences and sales.



Our courses are customizable and work for multiple industries and job requirements. With our international panel of educators, you can rest assured that participants receive high-quality training.

Content That Powers Results

LightBULB courses are built on current research, feedback from the community, and workplace performance. Our dynamic learning material is up to date and reflects marketplace demands.

Experiential Learning

We have adopted an experiential learning model to develop skills. Each course is designed to maximize participation, linking skills and principles with action and desired behavior.

Highly Skilled Trainers

Our trainers have experience training students and professionals across various faculties and industries. Our trainers also have practical, real-world experience, having worked in the business and professional world for many years.

On Campus Training

Access to 21st Century cross-functional skills are no longer accessible only to a privileged few. Our facilitators deliver our signature courses at your preferred location, at a time which suits you.

Affordable Rates

Prices start as low as Rs. 3000 p.p. with a maximum of Rs. 12000 p.p. For a limited time, we are offering a 50% discount on all enquiries filled in online. Apply Here.



Students with communication and presentation skills are more employable. Whether you provide placements or not, our training will enable more of your students to acquire their preferred jobs.


Including LightBULB professional courses into your program curriculums will enhance your organization’s overall course offering and boost your institutional image.


LightBULB provides students with a certificate of participation and of excellence. This means your institution offers more! Include this option in your packages, adding value for your students.


There is no better marketing than a satisfied customer. Imparting better employability skills and supporting better job placements will increase your student applications every year. Our assurance is based on our past record.


Our courses are exclusively designed to set participants apart from the crowd. While our fees may be the low, we empower your students to reach their highest potential–providing them with that edge which can beat the competition.


For an additional fee, we provide job interviews and placement assistance with prospective employers. Our campus-to-corporate facilitators assist students with their resume and interview practice.


“I am an interior design diploma student with SPN Doshi college, and I signed up for the LightBULB WorkReady course conducted at the college. The trainers were brilliant and taught us how to present ourselves, interacted with us like their friends, and most of all… to believe and stand for ourselves. We also learned how to communicate better, have confidence in English conversation, and how to have a successful interview.

“Personally, I really enjoyed the sessions and want to say Thank You LightBULB, you have given us a great opportunity!”

Ms. Aarti Rathod

Student, SPN Doshi College

Adding Our Program To Your Curriculum Is Really Simple


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