All our courses are designed with one goal in mind, to enhance employability. We are only successful if participants undertaking our courses are.


LightBULB courses are custom built for colleges and educational institutions, enhancing their curriculums to include key soft skills and personality development traits which enable participants to ace their job interviews and succeed while transitioning into the workplace.
The Campus to Corporate courses assists the students with specialized workshops to write a well-crafted resume, build their digital CV and participate in interview ready training sessions and practice. 

LightBULB LiVE – Active Learning Workshops

The LightBULB training team have been utilizing the power of active learning for more than a decade. Our training workshops are built with this structure – engaging the participants right away with the subject skills, learning material, and collaborative assignments. We understand that learning comes naturally when participants are actively and creatively a part of the learning process. Request for a LightBULB LiVE Workshop demo at your college campus or company address and choose a topic from our list of highly sought-after employability skills.



LightBULB adopts the Learner-Centered approach to teaching skills, considering the needs, interests, aspirations and cultural backgrounds of student groups. The LC “classroom” operates on collaboration, project-based learning, technology integration, and interaction.



Creativity is putting your imagination to work. Focusing on skills in isolation can kill interest in any discipline, but opportunity and encouragement to be creative while developing skills, infuses energy, applied judgment, critical thinking, self-testing, exploration and greater focus on the skill.


Foster Curiosity

The driver of creativity is an appetite for discovery, and so also the desire to learn grows out from the performance of knowledge. When students are motivated to learn, they naturally acquire the skills they need. (

Inspired Teaching

We believe that the facilitator’s role is to inspire students with the wonder and amazing abilities that they possess and to mentor self-confidence. Content should be delivered in a way that stimulates the learner’s curiosity of learning something new and relevant.

Results Driven

Learning must be demonstrated! In order for skilling to be effective, there must be a measurable improvement. This provides the learners with increased confidence and valuable feedback, strengthening the learning progress.

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