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What is LightBULB?

LightBULB is a learning company positioned to bridge the gap between education and employment by providing key employability skills. Our signature courses and active learning workshops focus on high-demand demonstrable skills – powering success in the workplace. Our courses are custom built for colleges and vocational diploma institutions, as well as companies and brands within the Hospitality / Retail industry.

“India will soon have one-fifth of the world’s working population, and yet a staggering 70% of graduates are not considered employable.” (The Hindu & Times of India)

Our Clients

Colleges & Universities

Colleges & Universities

LightBULB provides tailor-made courses and workshops that intergrade seamlessly into professional diploma course curriculums and degree programs which aspire to include employability skills enhancement.

Train the Trainers

Train the Trainers

With a major focus on Communication and Presentation skills, LightBULB provides two classic activity based courses custom built for teachers and educators who facilitate international curriculums and 21st Century interpersonal skills.

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

LightBULB courses enable employees to adopt and perform a range of interpersonal and communication soft skills designed for front desk customer interaction and hospitality leadership proffesional development.

Retail Industry

Retail Industry

LightBULB core soft skills curriculum empowers retail companies to provide industry specific training to their employees. Just as understanding an emotion must be felt, LightBULB achieves quick results through our experiential methodology.

The LightBULB Advantage

Skills for a brighter future!

High quality training at affordable rates

Commonly known as cheap and best, this sweet spot is typically found in words only! Thankfully, when it comes to job ready skills, LightBULB courses have rich quality content at affordable rates.

Accessible anywhere and on demand

Learning new soft skills is no longer accessible only to a privileged few. Our soft skills facilitators will deliver our signature courses at your preferred location, at a time and schedule which suits you.


Relevant & research based content that powers results

Our courses are built on current research, feedback from the community and workplace performance. The learning material is dynamic in nature, up to date and reflects marketplace demands.

Technologically driven

LightBULB courses incorporate social media communications and emerging web-based solutions which empower learners to be adept at technological tools while enhancing the learning experience.

Experiential methodology of learning through self-awareness

LightBULB has adopted an experiential learning model to develop skills. Each course is designed to maximize participation, linking skills and principles with action and future behaviour.

Stories Of Success

“I am an interior design diploma student with SPN Doshi college, and I signed up for the LightBULB WorkReady course conducted at the college. The trainers were brilliant and taught us how to present ourselves, interacted with us like their friends, and most of all… to believe and stand for ourselves. We also learned how to communicate better, have confidence in English conversation, and how to have a successful interview. 

“Personally, I really enjoyed the sessions and want to say Thank You LightBULB, you have given us a great opportunity!”

Ms. Aarti Rathod

“The courses and training have helped me improve my communication skills, gain self-confidence, and even overcome my shy nature.

“Here at the LightBULB center you can be who you are rather than working hard at presenting a fake image of how you must be seen. The best part for me was meeting new people and learning new skills. I enjoyed the ice-breakers, which inspired me to start enjoying the classes, as the trainers would take a lot of trouble balancing the best possible experience while helping me out with my specific questions and performance.

“There is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at LightBULB which I did not experience in a college environment. I personally feel everyone needs it!”

Mr. Patrick Fernandes

“LightBULB had a seminar in the college where I am studying and I got to attend. This is where I came to know that they will be conducting personality development sessions, and I was very interested. The first trainer taught us about interview etiquette, phone and email etiquette, body language and presentation skills which helped me increase my confidence and have the right expressions.

“The second trainer taught us about communication and conversation skills, and how to interact with others. I enjoyed the sessions a lot, and our group feels more confident when talking with new people, and we better understand the proper gestures. Now it is easy for us to face an interview because we have practiced a lot.”

Ms. Shivani Nakate

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