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Business skills that enhance performance

In Today’s Challenging Corporate World, 21st Century Skills Give You The Performance Edge.

About our WorkSmart Course

WorkSmart is our professional performance course that enables participants to gain demonstrable cross-functional business capabilities that leverage greater success at work and in life.

WORKSMART SESSIONS ARE EXPERIENTIAL AND INTERACTIVE. Built upon research that identifies core skills that are required for high-growth/high-salary occupations, the comprehensive offering includes skills such as SMART goal setting, problem-solving, negotiation skills, interview readiness skills, business communication, business etiquette, presentation skills and how to create your very own professional profile.


Adopt a positive self-image and attitude.


Time management skills.

Create business standard documents.

Master business etiquette.

Problem-solving skills.


Craft a professional resume.

Achieve goal setting success.

Demonstrate business communication.

Make professional presentations.

Selling Skills.

Synthesize information and research.

Build a digital profile.

Ace any job interview.


Course Facilitator: Stephen Moras
Length: 12 Weeks
Effort: 4 Hours Per Week
Language: English
Course Creator: Victor Rodrigues
Price: Rs. 9000 (50% Discount For Online Enquiries)
Certification Of Completion By LightBULB Skills

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