LightBULB was born out of the need to provide accessible and affordable key workplace skills which bridge the skills-gap pervading economically challenged populations. Mark Hanson and John D’Souza worked together on project development and impact strategies for over a decade within the Mumbai metropolitan region, with a focus on youth empowerment and livelihood. LightBULB Skills is a combination of two critical elements that we identified over the years: sustainability and skill building. Our services are governed by principles that support positive social and economic change through the empowerment and development of the individual. Our business structure and learning philosophy are student-centered.

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Our vision is to empower youth through communication skills acquisition and self-confidence, to set high goals and achieve them, irrespective of their social or economic status. We aim to accomplish this by providing quality skill enhancement training and professional development that is accessible and affordable.


To bridge the skills-gap by providing quality soft skills and life skills education at affordable rates.

To empower youth with employability skills and entrepreneurial skills to achieve success in their chosen line of work.

To contribute to India’s economic success with the success stories of our students.


Accessible – Our experienced facilitators train on-site or at the location convenient to you. LightBULB courses are custom built for our clients, enhancing curriculums to include key soft skills and personality development traits which enable participants to ace their job interviews and succeed at their job.

Affordable – Our goal is to provide employability skills for the economically challenged sections. We have, therefore, made our high-quality courses available for the lower reach of our target groups. With just Rs. 3000* for a comprehensive program, we are positioned to improve the future for a large number of students and professionals.

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High-Quality Training at Affordable Rates
Accessible, Anywhere and On Demand
Research-Based Content that Powers Results
Technologically Driven
Experiential Methodology


The LightBULB Skills Hub is a replicable model, custom built for corporate partnership. It provides a shared space for corporations and businesses that align with our core purpose of youth empowerment through skills acquisition. Many companies compete to stand out in a noisy marketplace. Consumers are continually bombarded by advertisements and an information overload that results in traditional methods of advertising losing their effectiveness. By associating and co-branding with a skill enhancement center of excellence, a partner organization increases their brand value, builds a positive corporate image, gains loyalty and has access to first choice talent.

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