Speak in a manner that your audience doesn’t just listen but also understands and communicates back

Leaders are great communicators, they have the power to motivate and influence their audiance. Do you wish to have the power?

About Our Communication Skills For Professionals Course

This is a cornerstone course for anyone aspiring to excel in a profession that requires impressive and influential communication in English. It is comprehensive, equipping participants with the required communication skills and self-confidence to stand out of the crowd.

TRAINING SESSIONS ARE EXPERIENTIAL AND INTERACTIVE. Since most of our corporate communication is in English, this course focuses on mastering the language to communicate with flair, ease, and confidence, with opportunity for practice.

Along with communication skills, this course will equip participants with professional competencies and presentation skills which are highly sought after by companies and employers. These include winning personality traits, a growth mindset, professional etiquette and workplace interpersonal skills.


Gain outstanding communication skills.

Make effective presentations.

Neutralize your English accent.

Compose Business Emails

Maintain confidence and handling nerves.


Confidently converse in English.

Build a positive self-image and attitude.

Master Business Etiquette.

Engage clients with ease on the phone.

Adopt a growth mindset.


Course Facilitator: James Fernandes
Length: 8 Weeks
Effort: 4 Hours Per Week
Language: English
Course Creator: Victor Rodrigues
Price: Rs. 6000 (50% Discount For Online Enquiries)
Certification Of Completion By LightBULB Skills

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