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Our Retail Sales & Marketing course will ensure that communication skills never stand between you and success.

About Our Retail Sales & Marketing Course

The Retail Sales & Marketing course introduces the main functions of the front-end retail business, sales, and environments. The modules include building and sustaining relationships through customer value, developing a retail strategy, consumer analysis, customer service, positive image projection, pricing and promotional strategies.

The course is activity packed and structured so that each student will begin to practice the key skills as they are being introduced, to allow for maximum comprehension and proficiency. The students will gain confidence and motivation as they discover their ability to succeed in this fast-growing workspace.


Adopt strategies to build long-term relationships with customers.

Implement industry standard approaches to visual merchandising.

Provide a positive customer experience.

Apply the art of negotiation.

Utilize unique shopping strategies for brand plans.

Gain outstanding communication skills.

Build a positive self-image and attitude.

Master customer relations etiquette.


Course Facilitator: Stephen Moras
Length: 8 Weeks
Effort: 4 Hours Per Week
Language: English
Course Creator: Victor Rodrigues
Price: Rs. 6000 (50% Discount For Online Enquiries)
Certification Of Completion By LightBULB Skills

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