Hundreds of students and professionals have benefited from LightBULB courses!

“The sessions were very interactive and included topics such as mindset, self-development, etiquette, and how to overcome the fear of public speaking. The guidance was so thought provoking, because in today’s world these learnings are rarely taught in our classroom. This was something apart from our academics, which will surely help us to be a confident person in life. One thing that will surely help me in the future is that I can speak confidently in front of a huge crowd without hesitating.


FY BCA student

“ We have attended LightBULB skills session during Diwali vacations, and we got to know about the skills we should learn and improve on in our daily lives. I especially got to know about my strengths and weaknesses through SWOT analysis, and how I can be confident in front of other people. The main thing we have learned is how to be professional in our work, and how we can complete our work easily by being organized.”



FY BCA student

“I am an interior design diploma student with SPN Doshi college, and I signed up for the LightBULB WorkReady course conducted at the college. The trainers were brilliant and taught us how to present ourselves, interacted with us like their friends, and most of all… to believe and stand for ourselves. We also learned how to communicate better, have confidence in English conversation, and how to have a successful interview.

“Personally, I really enjoyed the sessions and want to say Thank You LightBULB, you have given us a great opportunity!”

Ms. Aarti Rathod

Student, SPN Doshi College

“English is like my mother tongue; I’ve been speaking in English since childhood. Little did I know that there are so many things we have to keep in mind while speaking in English. After attending the very first LightBULB class I’ve realized that I’ve been speaking the wrong English this whole time, both verbally and written.

I want to learn and improve myself. In these two months LightBULB has taught me a lot about communication and above all, gained confidence in talking to people. I’m looking forward to learning more and building a good relationship with those I interact with. Thank you!”

Mr. Cursin Simoes


“The courses and training have helped me improve my communication skills, gain self-confidence, and even overcome my shy nature. When learning with LightBULB, you can be who you are rather than working hard at presenting a fake image of how you think you must be seen. The best part for me was meeting new people and learning new skills.


I enjoyed the ice-breakers, which inspired me to learn during the classes, as the trainers take a lot of trouble balancing the best possible experience, while helping me out with my specific questions and needed performance. There is friendly and welcoming atmosphere at LightBULB that I did not get in a college environment. I personally feel everyone needs it!”

Mr. Patrick Fernandes

Student, SPN Doshi College


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